5 simple and useful hacks

Don’t worry! There are useful and simple tricks for cleaning silver jewelry, so that your favorite accessories keep their original appearance. here they are!

1. Use a soft cotton cloth and dishwashing detergent

For the correct cleaning of silver jewelry, there are some simple and useful methods that are recommended by professionals. To remove the unsightly appearance of silver, you need a soft cotton cloth and a little dish detergent to add to the warm water. Mix the solution well, soak the cloth in water, and clean the silver jewelry for a few minutes. Rinse the jewelry and let it dry!

2. Choose clothes with special cleaning solutions

Another useful trick that you can use to bring silver back to life? Use wipes with special cleaning solutions. This step is recommended if you want to clean up your accessories in a few moments, whether you are considering Pandora’s rings or other favorite trinkets.
Hold the gem with one hand and clean the object on all sides with a cloth. Any piece of jewelry will restore its luster within a few minutes, with the help of fabrics specially designed for silver.

3. Choose special collections from jewelry stores

At the same time, jewelry stores offer customers special care sets for their favorite accessories. In addition to cleaning wipes, you can also find products in the form of foam or wax, designed for silver accessories.
If in doubt, always contact the manufacturer or store where you purchased your silver cleaning kit.

4. Don’t forget the professional cleaning wipes

Do you have silver necklaces or rings in your personal collection? You have to know that they can turn black. Thus, it is worth cleaning them with professional silver wipes.
All you have to do is choose the jewelry that needs to be cleaned, take the rusty accessory napkin and carefully use it on its entire surface. Finally, remove the remaining solution with a dry cloth.

5. Go to the jeweler

The last solution for cleaning silver jewelry is to go to the jeweler. This method is quick and easy if you don’t want or don’t have time to clean your extensions at home. Although the methods that you can apply at home are similar, you may trust a professional more.

Additionally, if you don’t have special products, cleaning the silver at the jeweler may be the most beneficial method.
To remember! It would be a good idea to abandon natural silver cleaning products. For example, lemon is a fruit full of qualities, but its acidity can destroy a silver gem. Although there are positive reviews about homemade jewelry cleaning solutions, it is not recommended to use solutions containing lemon, salt, vinegar, baking soda, toothpaste, sour juices, or detergents.
These components have a certain cleansing power, but the acids in their composition are very harsh on delicate silver jewelry and can irreparably damage it.

Regardless of the method chosen to “live” your silver jewelry, it is advisable to clean your jewelry from time to time as it fits easily with any outfit.

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