5 healthy and good breakfast options for kids

A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are some great options for kids as well.

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It is important that the first meal of the day, breakfast, is not skipped.

In the same way, the food consumed must be healthy, so as not to affect the long-term state of health.

Here are a number of combinations that you can eat in the morning, combinations that make up a very healthy breakfast, good even for children:

Eat cereal for a healthy breakfast

breakfast cereals

Cereals are extremely popular at breakfast, and their consumption is even recommended: a bowl of cereal eaten in the morning generally provides the body with fiber for the whole day.

You can consume them with milk or yogurt, and for more flavor you can add nuts, hazelnuts or candied fruits, according to your preferences.

If you want to go all the way with an even healthier option, you can try whole grains.

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How to make a healthy breakfast sandwich

And sandwiches are a good choice for breakfast: they’re easy to make and quick to eat.

But there are a few tricks that really turn the sandwich into a healthy one.

To start, choose wholemeal bread and not white bread. Second, avoid using sausages in sandwiches.

Choose to put cheese, vegetables or peanut butter on the bread. Peanut butter is rich in manganese, vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin B6, folic acid and vitamin B3.

Gray with milk for breakfast

Considered the dessert of childhood, semolina pudding can be the ideal solution for a healthy breakfast.

You can prepare it in the classic way or you can try different combinations, with cocoa, vanilla or coconut milk, for the perfect taste.

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Humus, the ideal choice for a healthy breakfast

Humus has rapidly gained popularity in Romania in recent years. Humus is an extremely healthy food, rich in vegetable proteins, which can be easily eaten with wholemeal bread or sticks.

If you have kids and want to make the hummus more appealing to them, you can fill it with vegetables or you can add various flavors and spices which will make it even better.

Some examples:

– curry hummus

– garlic hummus

– hummus with tomato paste

– humus with hot peppers

– Greek yogurt hummus

– mushroom hummus

– hummus with cheese.

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Pancakes for breakfast?

You probably didn’t think it, but pancakes can be the basis of a delicious and healthy breakfast.

But be careful, we are not talking about sweet options: the regular consumption of pancakes with jam, for example, is not beneficial.

You can instead grease the pancakes with peanut butter or crunchy hazelnut paste. Other options for healthy pancakes:

– apple and cinnamon pancakes

– Oat pancakes

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– carrot pancakes

– pancakes with fresh tomato sauce

– banana pancakes

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