10 breakfast ideas for diabetics

Check out some breakfast suggestions for diabetics that keep your blood sugar in check!

The prevalence of diabetes in Romania is 11.6%, which means that the number of Romanians aged 20 to 79 who suffer from this disease varies between 1,535,413 and 1,967,200, show the final results of the study. national prevalence of diabetes.

Dr. Ioana Dima, specialist in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases, offers some nutritional advice for patients already diagnosed with diabetes.

Dietary recommendations for diabetics

  • Breakfast must exist. A simple coffee cannot provide you with the energy you need for the whole day.
  • A healthy breakfast should include both carbohydrates (whole grains, bread, fruit), protein (eggs, skimmed milk) and healthy fats (cashews/walnuts/almonds, olive oil).
  • Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are an excellent source of fibre. they regulate intestinal transit and ensure a lasting feeling of satiety.
  • Try to avoid eating sweets (refined carbohydrates), sugary drinks, (sweetened) yogurts with fruit, cereals with added sugar.
  • Don’t make frying a habit – if you had an omelet with veggies today, opt for a bowl of whole grains, milk and fruit tomorrow or wholemeal bruschetta with tomatoes and oregano.

Here are 10 breakfast ideas for diabetics

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